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Angelwax BLISS odor remover & Refreshener



Angelwax BLISS
Angelwax EDEN

Odor remover & Refreshener.

Pris: 199:-/st
Förpackning 300ml som räcker till måååånga bilar.

So what do we offer?

Angelwax is taking you to the tropics with our newest tropical scent with Angelwax Eden.

EDEN contains a mix of the most delight tropical scents, which when you just sprayed this product in your car, you have the idea that you are about to enjoy the most delicious bowl of exotic fruits.

Fragances of papaya and watermelon are used for this new product and ready to be launched in your car.

The scent and fragrance of Angelwax Eden is able to work for up to a month after the first spray in your car.

Angelwax Bliss,

Bliss = Happiness.

Angelwax Bliss brings you back to your most cheerful memories at home. Pie and pastry of your granny, mum or aunty. Bliss will remember you as well to summers in the parks, forrests and country side.

Angelwax will bring you the scent of black plum and woody nuts. Maybe you remember it already, the sweet fragrance of plum in the pastry, desert or pie what you had as a kid in the summer. It will probably let you me memorize back in the days, back at home.

Angelwax will give you that same memory over and over again when you take a seat in your car after you used the Agelwax Bliss Air refreshner for the first time to your car interior.

These products may only be sprayed on carpet and fabric upholstery. NOT on leather surfaces.


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